*(V) indicates the product is vegan
*(C) indicates a “clean beauty” product – see My Products page for my interpretation of clean beauty.


(V)(C) Superfood Peptide Eye Cream – Youth to the People 

Use: dryness/fine lines/elasticity
(can be used AM or PM)
Price: $35

Available at: 
Youth to the People
Amazon (Price: $59.10)


(C) Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream– 100% Pure

Use: reduce puffiness/undereye circles/restore
Price: $26

Available at: 
100% Pure 



(V) (C) Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil – Drunk Elephant 

Use: intense hydration/anti-aging/wrinkles
this a face oil but is also very effective under the eye area
(can be used AM or PM)
Price: $40-$72 (0.5 oz & 1 oz)

Available at: 
Drunk Elephant
Amazon (0.5 oz)
Amazon (1 oz)