INIKA Organic: Vegan & Healthy Makeup

Let’s talk about INIKA Organic, an Australian brand that is starting to get noticed and it should!

It is, of course, cruelty-free, certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia, the Australian version of the Leaping Bunny certification in the US.

The products are also 100% vegan and are certified organic by Organic Food Chain Australia. While standards differ on what get’s to be called “organic” depending on the agency or non-profit providing the certification (as there is not a worldwide standard for this term), in this case, it means the products contain 70% or more organic ingredients, which is pretty damn good in my book.

I’ve personally tried multiple products from their line and will be buying most of them again. Right now, the products are available only through the INIKA Organic website or on Amazon. I’ll post direct links to each of the products below.

If I don’t feature a product, it’s because I haven’t tried it but as a brand, I recommend it and if you are looking for something specific that I don’t mention, I would give it a go. The only product I have tried and am leaving off on purpose is the regular eyeliner (not the liquid). It’s full of good ingredients & carmine free (which is made from crushed bugs and can irritate and even infect eyes) and I wanted to love it but for me, personally, it smudged very easily and would end up in my crease or on the side of my face if I touched my eyes. It does have good reviews and may work better for you and others.

So let’s get to it!


My favorite product is probably their (1) Organic BB Cream and I will definitely be buying it again and again and again! It has 80% organic ingredients and is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s also got prickly pear, avocado, and jojoba oil, which add tons of moisture and help tighten pores. The consistency is light and smooth and has some buildability to it. It’s much lighter in its coverage than a foundation; however, it definitely smooths out the skin, covering up smaller imperfections. It creates the perfect canvas for the rest of my makeup and I can easily add concealer to any areas that need a little extra coverage. It’s perfect for anyone needing light to medium coverage.

Tip: For added dewiness, I use a beauty blender, which I wet (making sure it gets soaked through) & then squeeze the excess water out. Apply drops of the BB Cream to the areas I want coverage in and then dab the BB cream in with the beauty blender.

While I have not personally tried this product, I’m adding the (2) Liquid Mineral Foundation to this post based on how much I love the BB Cream. It’s also got a dose of vitamin E and aloe vera and jojoba oils to moisturize and soothe the skin. It’s buildable and great for anyone wanting medium to full coverage. It’s got good reviews with the only caveat being that if you have extremely oily skin, this may not be the foundation for you, according to one reviewer.

My second favorite product and one I’ve already bought several times is the (3) Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. I have a different face oil I use as a regular part of my skincare routine am & pm. However, this oil is super easy to transport as it comes in a round tube with a pump. I like to throw it into my purse or work bag and a apply a drop or two throughout the day to any areas that feel extra dry. I also like to use it right before makeup application on any areas that either need a little extra moisture or any areas I’d like to look extra dewy. If you should choose, it can also act as your daily oil or moisturizer, depending on what your skin needs in that department. The best part – it’s literally made from Rosehip oil and nothing else!

I really like the (4) Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream, which is basically a liquid highlighter. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it! I like to mix it into my BB Cream or face lotion for an all over added glow. This is especially useful when I am only doing the bare minimum with my makeup and need something to add some life back into my skin. It has a pinkish tone to it, not overwhelmingly so, but something to consider. It can also be used as a highlighter for specific areas or features; I just personally prefer a powder based one for that, which brings me to my next item.

The (5) Baked Mineral Illiminisor is perfect for highlighting cheekbones and any other areas you like. Depending on the color you pick, it can also be used as a light bronzer for the face. It’s sheer and silky and is super easy to apply. Also, it’s literally baked on a terracotta tile in Italy!

The next item is the  (6) Long Lash Vegan Mascara. It definitely lengthens and defines the lashes and I love that something I’m putting this close to my eyes is natural and healthy. So far, this is probably my favorite natural mascara that I’ve found. Just a heads up, I find that it takes a bit longer to set than some of my other not so natural mascaras and can smudge fairly easily in the first few minutes. However, once it sets, I don’t have any smudging issues with it nor does it end up under my eyes. If you are looking for a natural mascara, I would definitely give this one a go!

The final item is the (7) Certified Organic Lip Serum which is really a clear gloss that enhances your lips natural color and has no stickiness. It’s got vitamin C & E,  shea butter & rosehip oil. It moisturizes the lips and provides an antioxidant boost while giving them a gentle shine. I have this stuff with me at all times because it leaves my lips with a flushed pink tone and acts as a chapstick – perfect for natural makeup looks and anytime your lips need some love.



(1) Organic BB Cream

Comes in eight shades.

Price: $45

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.



(2) Liquid Mineral Foundation

Comes in eight shades.

Price: $49

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.




(3) Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Price: $25

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.



(4) Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream

Price: $29

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.

*This is currently out of stock on the brand website but they do restock so check back. This is currently available on Amazon but in limited quantities.


(5) Baked Mineral Illuminisor 

Colors:  Dewdrop (pictured) & Starlight

Price: $49

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.



(6) Long Lash Vegan Mascara

Colors: Black & Brown

Price: $33

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.




(7) Certified Organic Lip Serum 

Price: $27

Available at: INIKA Website & Amazon.