Leo & Rose – two adopted snuggly kitties


Hi! My name is Lina and this blog was inspired by the two best kitties whom my husband and I adopted in 2015.

While I have always been an animal lover, having two sweet animals for whose well-being I am responsible pushed me to become more involved in animal welfare. At first, I started researching cruelty-free products, from personal care items to vegan leather jackets, for my own benefit. As I shared the information over happy hours with friends and through my personal Instagram account, I found that others were interested but didn’t have time to do the research. So, I decided to spread the word and hopefully make it easy for people to become familiar with new products and brands that love our furry friends as much as we do!

This website’s goal is to provide information about products that are made without harming animals in the process. This means that I will discuss anything from my new favorite up and coming brand to the best face serum to awesome faux down jackets and vegan leather shoes. I live in Colorado. It gets burrrrr here!

Please keep in mind that I am not a make-up artist or dermatologist. I do not know the best way to create a smoky eye and I doubt I ever will but I have become a bit of a skincare addict. As this cause has become closer and closer to my heart, I have done a significant amount of research and found some awesome animal-friendly brands and products that I am excited to share with all of you!


My two kitties (aka “the gremlins”) are the best and give us so much joy but we also want to adopt two dogs!
I had a black Cocker Spaniel growing up who was the sweetest soul ever.
I am a book addict (mostly fiction/fantasy/sci-fi) and a HUGE fan of Harry Potter!
Even though I was an undergraduate English Lit major, I CANNOT spell.
I grew up in sunny Southern California and moved to Colorado for law school.
My dream job would be to write fiction AND run my own animal welfare non-profit!