BC Footwear Vegan Booties For the Win

Talking all about BC Footwear’s vegan bootie line –

Guys, I seriously LOVE their shoes. I own several pairs and can personally attest to the fact that they are well made and comfortable. They also look great. Sometimes fake leather can look . . . well . . . fake, but I promise, at least with the ones I own, nothing fake looking about them.

One of my absolute favorite booties is sold out which makes me very sad because I also wanted to get them in Black (I have a taupe color) but unfortunately can’t seem to find them anywhere. If I do, I will be sure to post immediately! In the meantime, there are a ton of other great options from BC Footwear. Not all their shoes are vegan so beware. Their website has a “vegan shoe” section.

My regular shoe size is an 8 1/2 or 9. I got an 8 1/2 in their booties and they fit perfectly.

All these will be added to my Vegan Shoe page in a few days.

(links directly to BC site in the caption)   


Kettle Bootie 


Kettle Bootie

These are very similar to the ones I rave about above aside from the heel height. Mine have a lower heel while this heel stands at 3 inches. Perfect for dressing up a summer outfit when you don’t feel like wearing real heels!

Price: $90

Colors: Taupe & Black





Blaze Bootie


Blaze Bootie 

I WANT these and might just have to get them as soon as I’m done with this post . . . (I have a shoe problem, I know). These are casual and sleek and according to the website, sneaker comfortable! Yep, probably getting them.

Price: $ 70

Colors: Black, Black Exotic, Grey Exotic (exotic = snakeskin look), Gold Metallic & Silver Metallic




Union 2 Bootie



Union 2 Bootie

For a little fancy pants dazzle option, I love these! The heel is a comfortable height at 2 inches and they simply look fab!

Price: $ 80

Colors: Black/Gold & Black/Black








May 17, 2018

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